Light RailSeattle Development August 25, 2017

North Seattle Light Rail Project

In 2008, voters approved the Sound Transit 2 (ST2) package to extend light rail service north to Lynnwood, known as the Lynnwood Link Extension (LLE). This plan called for two light rail stations in Shoreline, on the east side of Interstate 5 at NE 145th and 185th Streets, anticipated to be operational in 2023. In May 2013, Shoreline kicked off subarea planning for neighborhoods surrounding both future stations. Over the next few years, the City and community developed plans to address land use, transportation, park, and other needs to accommodate projected growth in these areas.
What this means to you as a home owner..

If you live in one of the rezone areas below you are probably receiving our letters and calls regarding your property to see if you may be interested in selling. This is because now where you could only build a single family house you can now build an apartment building or multiple townhomes.

If you are thinking about selling!

Please contact us if you are thinking about selling. We have a group of developers eager to build high density housing in near the stations to accommodate the huge population influx into the Seattle/Shoreline area.

For more information about uses and standards allowed in Mixed-Use Residential zoning, see:
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